Moderator : Thank You Senator Essay examples

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MODERATOR: Thank you Senator. [to the camera] All right everyone, just a quick reminder before I take this opportunity to turn it over to the Governor. Because our questions alternate between the candidates, those not answering, [motions] the Governor in this case, have been allotted a shorter amount of time to make their rebuttal. The same, of course, will hold for the Senator during our next question. [to the Governor] Okay, Governor, the floor is all yours to respond.

GOV. ORANGE, smiles: Good evening friends. First and foremost, can I just say what everyone’s thinking? This new format is incredible.. [audience claps] Only Google could have pulled it off, really, something this innovative. [looks backstage] And to all those that contributed to this event, thank you, we appreciate the efforts you’ve made to make tonight possible. [turns to audience] So were any of you surprised the Senator picked the traffic light? I doubt anyone who’s watched our previous debates was.. [hands up] I certainly wasn’t. And since I didn’t get an opportunity to say it earlier, let me be perfectly clear when I state: the law isn’t about traffic, Senator, it’s about making our society a more fair and equitable place. [turns to the Senator] Unless, that is, you think our justice system isn’t concerned with justice? Democracy requires we stand-

ALEXIS, loudly: BUZZZZZ! $1,000,000 TO THE SENATOR.

GOV. ORANGE, smiles: How about we stay with the metaphor so that doesn’t happen again..…

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