Moderator, Smiles, And Thank You All From Shoreline Amphitheater Outside Google Headquarters

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MODERATOR, smiles: Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s debate streaming live from Shoreline Amphitheater outside Google headquarters. From all of us here in Mountain View, thanks for joining us. [to the camera] Tonight is the fourth and final presidential debate and voters’ last chance to see the candidates side-by-side before casting their ballots next Tuesday. Much could be determined in the next 90 minutes; so let’s get to it. [turns] To start things off, I’m going to ask that our two candidates introduce themselves to our live audience and nearly 80 million viewers tuning in from all across the world. [motions] Ladies and gentlemen, your candidates!

[audience cheers]

SEN. APPLE, smiles: Thank you all. [inhales] I’d like to begin by saying that I’m honored to have the privilege of standing before you tonight-[BUZZZZZ!] [everyone turns as a buzzer blares from behind the stage]

MODERATOR, jumps in: My apologies Senator, I’ve been told this should only take a moment. [to the camera] All right everyone.. our gracious hosts here at Google have prepared a short video explaining the buzzer we just heard. For those here in the amphitheater, please direct your attention to the screen on the right. [raises eyebrows] Let’s see what surprises we’re in for tonight.

[lights dim as the video starts]

VIDEO NARRATOR, dramatic voice-over: Of the 142 million Americans who watched the last three presidential debates, polls suggested that 92% felt “frustrated,” “disappointed”…

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