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Register to read the introduction… Affinity Model & Talent Agency is a licensed and bonded full-service, national and international model and talent agency representing men, women, and children throughout its offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Affinity is primarily involved in providing models, actors, musicians and entertainers for the fashion, advertising, tradeshow, promotion, and special event industries.
California Market Center - (California Mart) A wholesale fashion industry showroom facility open to the trade only. Some showrooms sell to the general public on the last Friday of the month. This is only allowed when the timing does not conflict with a major market event, which is when retailers are here to shop the market for future deliveries to their stores. In the month of December, sample selling is allowed each Friday of that month except when it falls on a holiday or the eve of a holiday. Not all showrooms have samples to sell. Showrooms sell samples at their own discretion. Not all showrooms have goods in all sizes; many items are sample sizes only. California Mart contains more than 1,000 showrooms and nearly 10,000 product lines housed in three 13-story buildings (interconnected on every
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Where a coupon yields a discount at the time of checkout, rebates yield a discount at a later time. Purchases with an offer of a rebate require that customer pays the full amount of the product upfront. Then customer fills out paperwork, and rebate is mailed to him several weeks to several months later.

Online Gift Certificate is very similar to cash, except it is used exclusively at online retailers. Gift certificate can either be emailed to customer, or it may be sent through the physical mail. For that reason, online gift certificates can either be an actual piece of paper, or it can simply be an electronic file. Either way, an online gift certificate will include a promotional code just like any other online coupon. A promotional code is a series of letters and/or numbers someone types into the promotional or discount code box at the time of checkout.

Free Shipping is essentially what it sounds like. At pretty much any online retailer, after customer purchase a product, additional shipping and handling fees will be added at his expense. But if customer has a free shipping coupon, or if the websites itself is hosting a free shipping promotion, a customer will not be responsible for those fees. The company then has to pay for shipping out of pocket. Because the company is not reimbursed for those shipping costs, they often require you spend a minimum amount of money on their site to qualify for free shipping. The amount varies, but it is almost always at least

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