Advantages Of Model Boys Essay

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While Tom and his friends may not be as polite or proper as the “Model Boys”, they have true goodness, and genuine affection for the people they are closest to and do not show their affection only for their own reward or are polite just to win the favor of the adults. Everything that Tom and his friends do is candid; they do not calculate or scheme to reap the greatest benefit for themselves. They are charming and endearing because if they do something kind for someone, it will for that person's benefit, rather then their own. Tom and his friends are endearing to Muff Potter, Becky, and the widow because Tom and his friends have rescued them, Becky from a whipping, and Muff and the widow from possible death, even though doing so would put their own safety at risk. The model boys force their kindness and only help someone if they do not have to make a personal sacrifice to do so, so their kindness and good deeds do not really come from their hearts. Moreover, they often bring themselves up in the …show more content…
They do not take things too seriously and are carefree and spontaneous. Boyishness is carefree and fun-loving; not thinking about why they like to do something, such as play robbers, but they enjoy it, so they do it. Everything about Tom, Huck, and Joe is simple and natural, they have a youthful exuberance and there is nothing stiff or artificial about the way they behave, either towards other people or by themselves. This is endearing to their friends and family because they do not act differently in front of different people and are always themselves. It is a charming quality because it is so natural and thoughtless: they are never self-conscience or worry about what other people will think about them. Tom, Huck, and Joe exhibit this often as they go on their capers and play pretend, as they do not worry about who might think poorly of

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