Modal Realism And How Possible World Theory Essay

1985 Words Oct 28th, 2016 8 Pages
i) What is modal realism and why would one need to believe in it? What problems is modal realism proposed to solve? What problems accepting modal realism might create?

In this essay I am going to explain what Modal Realism is the reasons people will choose to believe in it and the reasons people will not. I will outline the problems of Modality and how Possible World Theory, and extended on to that Modal Realism, will be able to solve it. I will then move onto the weaknesses of Modal Realism, concentrating on the idea of the Incredulous Stare and then offering an alternative for this view making it a viable option to not believe in Modal Realism in Philosophy.

First, before we discuss Modal Realism, we must first consider the problem it is trying to solve and the theory it first came from. It came about to try and help us to fully understand modality which means a proposition or claim in metaphysics that can either be possible, necessary or contingent, or impossible. An example of a proposition being necessary would be that ‘2+2=4’. This is an example of a proposition which is always correct no matter what way in which we look at it meaning that it fits the description of a necessary claim. So, therefore, an example of an impossible proposition would be ‘2+2=5’, this can’t be true under any circumstances and therefore is widely accepted as impossible. An example of a contingent proposition, so a claim that could be true but is entirely dependent on the world, could…

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