Mockery Of The Odyssey Analysis

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A Mockery of the Odyssey
Humor me, Muse, of the fool lost at sea The meddling goddess who might have too much time on her hands The lone mother who definitely has too much time on her hands The numerous suitors who louse in her palace And the son who lacks the back bone to stop them
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But you never know, maybe it’ll catch on.”
* * *
“What shall I ever do?” Telemachus sighs. “If only the gods can provide me with the divine guidance that can help me in my time of need.”
Knock. Knock.
As the maid opens the door, Athena in the guise of Mentor appears.
“Oh guest, please come in. We shall rub you down in oil, provide you with a bath and have you in a new set of clothes,” says the maid.
“Your kindness is not needed,” says Mentor. “I have urgent business with prince Telemachus.”
“No, no, I insist. Have a bath, won’t you?”
“I am grateful indeed, but I am in a rush to talk the prince.”
“There is no need for you to hold back,” says the maid. “You are in the royal house of Odysseus and we always greet our guest with the upmost kindness. Now, how about that oil?”
“Save it.”
“Oh… Alright then. I shall lead the way to the prince.”
Mentor is brought to the prince, where upon first sight, Telemachus exclaims, “Oh, by the gods have my wishes been heard. Is the presence of a god before me to help me in my dire situation?”
“Me, a god?” Athena says jokingly. “How can I be a god? Outrageous, preposterous, impossible,
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The point is that you need help and I am the goddes… person to just do that.”
“But, how can you help me,” Telemachus questions.
“Do you feel weak, only a shadow of your heroic father? Sometimes, do you think you lack the confidence and courage to stand up to the many suitors that louse in your home and ridicule you?”
“Yes, yes all those things are true. How did you know?”
“Divine powers.”
“Uh. I meant by an educated guess of course”
With Athena’s help, Telemachus now brimming with confidence and courage, sets on a journey to search for his father.
* * *
After returning home with Telemachus, and killing all the suitors in the mansion, Odysseus finally reunites with his beloved Penelope.
“Odysseus! Is it truly you?” Penelope asks.
“Yes, it is I, Odysseus.”
“This is too much for me to fathom. Is it really you?”
“What madness are you spouting, of course it is him,” says the maid Eurycleia.
“Oh is it?”
“Yes, even I can confirm that he is Odysseus,” says Telemachus.
“No, I still cannot believe it. What if the gods are playing a trick on me? Then what?”
Odysseus sighs
“Women, what nonsense are you saying. It is I, Odysseus, in flesh and

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