Mock Trial : U.s V. Dominique Stephens Essay

2831 Words May 7th, 2015 12 Pages
Kiara Rivas
Philosophy 25
Due Date: 5/6/2015
Mock Trial: U.S v. Dominique Stephens The case I am presenting today is about a woman who admits to having killed her husband and is being charged with first degree murder. The woman’s name is Dominque Stephens and Mrs. Stephens claims that she has acted in self-defense after suffering many years of domestic violence in her marriage. The prosecution claims that Mrs. Stephens is not suffering from battered woman syndrome, that she can reason normally, and so she pre-mediated the murder of her husband the night of his death. The defense argues that Mrs. Stephens acted in self-defense on the basis of Battered Woman Syndrome and claims she experiences certain symptoms that correlate with the syndrome. For example physical and emotional abuse, economic dependence, and isolation, which all lead to learned helplessness (U.S v. Dominique Stephens, 3). Taking into consideration all the details the prosecution and the defense have provided me, I hereby declare Mrs. Dominique Stephens not guilty on the basis that she has acted in self-defense because of battered women syndrome. Let’s begin with a little background concerning the case. The Metropolitan Police Department received a phone call from Dominque Stephens on June 17, 2009 at 10:32pm stating, “I just shot my husband” and gave her address. Detective Hughes was the person who answered the call and went to aid Dominique Stephens. When the detective arrived, she entered the bedroom and…

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