How To Write A Reflective Essay On A Mock Test

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Reflection Task:

It was during my last year of A-levels that I had a mock exam in PE, this exam was our first proper practice of a real A2 type paper that included everything we had been taught during the year. The whole of my class had to sit this test and we were graded and listed best to worst according to our marks, it also gave our teacher a guide for a prediction of our final grade. I was put under a lot of pressure by my peers and my teacher as I was deemed the best in the class and was expected to gain nearly full marks. However, this wasn’t the case, I did study hard for the test but something wasn’t quite right on the day as I became very nervous, it felt just like a real exam. I didn’t achieve the grade that I should have and my teacher was very unsympathetic about it and responded to my result in a very negative way, even though it was still a good mark, it
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I also felt embarrassed, because my class mates that got a better grade than me gloated about how they beat me and I was upset by my inability to show I could achieve an A* grade. I got annoyed at my teacher for her response to my result, as she was also putting me under pressure to achieve the best grade in the class and telling me that I should’ve found the test easy.

At the time I didn’t feel that the situation had been resolved as I felt embarrassed in lesson and stopped answering questions in class as I thought I may be wrong. I think the experience made me realise how much pressure could affect my result and that I needed to get that under control before my real exam so I wasn’t put in this situation again. However, I think that if I wasn’t put under so much pressure then my grade could have come out a lot higher than it did. I reacted very badly to the situation, that shouldn’t have affected me as much as it did.

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