Moby Dick, And The Mermaid Essay

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The company was founded in Seattle, Washington State in 1971; the name was inspired by the mermaid in the novel Moby Dick, and the mermaid also inspired the company logo. It is now a very successful coffee house using ethically sourced Arabica coffee beans (Starbucks n.d.) Howard Schultz, now the company CEO, first visited a Starbucks store in 1981; he subsequently travelled to Italy where the coffee bars inspired him to bring the concept back to the United States (Starbucks website, n.d.) In 1987 Schultz purchased Starbucks with investment from local businesses. The ethos of the firm is to create a welcoming place for conversation: a third place between work and home. Today there are 15,000 Starbucks stores in 50 different countries.
Although Starbucks is very successful, it still faces many challenges as well as any other company. They have given back to their community, won many awards and although they participate in giving back to their community, the challenges does not disappear its still there as any other company out there. Issues may arise just the same. The most obvious one is that Starbucks is dealing with is the current financial crisis in America. Many companies are suffering from our economy and their situation. They have also been faced with a lot of store closures in July of 2008, and closed over 600 stores in the United States that they announced to the public. Starbucks stated, “Actual store closures may differ depending on a variety of factors including,…

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