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Jiuxiao Wang, Pinga
Benjamin Francis
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Jan 30, 2015
Mobile Advertising

Outline I. Introduction * The introduction of advertising * What is the mobile advertising II. The mobile Internet advertising spending share and its allocation
1.Horizontal comparison of mobile advertising
2. Vertical comparison of mobile advertising III. Popularization of mobile equipment and development of mobile advertising platform * The popularization of the mobile phone * Examples of Apple and Samsung IV. The efficiency of the mobile advertising * The speed * The quantity V. The decay of traditional advertising media * Television * Newspaper and Magazine * Classic advertising case
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Mobile advertising, this burgeoning advertising industry followed the trend of mobile marketing. It is a new marketing way via the mobile phone platform. Compare with the traditional advertising, the mobile advertising is more accuracy, interactive, and individuated. Thus, the advertising service is more focused on convenience, viewing scene of user, and the bear of the Internet. Because of these differences, the mobile advertising platforms have their own way of advertising product, brand choice and ministrant organization. In order to maximize the interests in nowadays marketing environment, the most beneficial choice is to launch the mobile advertising.

II. The mobile Internet advertising spending share and its allocation
The mobile advertising at the recent years won the bigger markets. This is the horizontal comparison. The mobile advertising spending can reflect it. There is the data can illustrate the fast increasing that mobile advertising spend will hit $8 billion this year in the United States and by 2017, mobile will eclipse online advertising, according to eMarketer. Mobile advertising revenues nearly doubled from 2012 to 2013. (Carter McNamara)

Thus, The mobile equipment will take a bigger bite out of the advertising market continuously. Undoubtedly, more and more companies are willing to choose the mobile and online advertising, one of the biggest reason is

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