Essay on Mobile Phones And The Environmental Impact

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A research is any systematic activity designed to add knowledge through theories, principles and statements (Riva et al, 2012). Jacobson (2014) also defines research as a process of investigating a subject for the purpose of informing the world, a nation or a community about the findings of the subject, for the benefit of the population.
Health problems which might emerge from the use of mobile phones and the environmental impact.
My research statement is: Some researchers have asserted that mobile phone users’ are exposed to radiation which affects the human system and food chain. In the case of this research the problem is an over usage of mobile phones and how the radiation from the phone (electro-magnetic wave) affects the users which constitutes the youthful population between 15-60 years.
Purpose of study
The research seeks to discuss the issues relating to problems arising from the use of mobile phones and also addresses the impact of mobile phones on the environment. It also studies youths by obtaining statistical and qualitative results from surveying a sample of mobile phone users and follow up to explore in semi structured interviews.
Research Questions What are the health and environmental effects associated with Mobile phones?
What measures can be taken to handle the health issues emerged on users?
What are the existing measures to handle the various diseases?
These questions can equally be broken down to:
What is the magnitude of the…

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