Essay Mobile Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Numerous youngsters have mobile phones so they can stay in contact with their friend and relatives through text messages and calls. But large number of teens are going too far and staying attached to their phones every time they have “free time”. Majority of adolescents cannot even last few minutes without their phones and they are accompanied by their phone in every situation. (Kaminski) According to recent studies done by Pew Research Center, almost 88% of adolescents between the ages of 13 to 17 have access to a mobile phone and majority of them have smartphones. (Lenhart) Most of the time, youths are able to easily get away from being on their phones for a long period of time due to their family members have the same sort of problem. Kelly Wallace expresses in “Half of teens think they’re addicted to their smartphones” how she is exceptionally worried for those young teens who spend “endless amount of time” on technological gadgets on their consistent basis. She also discusses how majority of polls and studies has uncovered that not just teenagers but majority of other age groups are also addicted and been overly dependent on their technological devices. A survey involving 1,240 interviews with parents and their children, from the ages 12 to 18 have concluded that “Fifty percent of teens feel they are addicted to their mobile devices” and about 59% of parents also feel that their teens are exceedingly dependent on technological devices. (Wallace) From other polls, almost…

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