Mobile Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

2200 Words Nov 28th, 2016 9 Pages
It is no secret that technology dictates our everyday lives. You see technology everywhere; in businesses, in classrooms, in restaurants and in the use of transportation. Humanity uses technology so much, we almost solely depend on it. We use it for communication, gathering information and everyday tasks. This all leads to one main culprit: the smartphone, or the internet accessibility from the smartphone. In fact, “63% of all cell phone users use their phone to go online” according to (Zickuhr). This is a lot of internet users, knowing that there are roughly six billion mobile phone users around the world. However, not all six billion people use their devices the same way. The difference between generations in smartphone usage, attitude, and longterm impact is astonishing. However, mobile phones didn’t always used to be this handy. Mobile phones date all the way back to 1983 with the car phone. According to Amanda Ray from the, these phones were small enough to carry, making them the first transferable phones ever invented. As time went on, phone companies figured out how to “pack all the features customers wanted into a smaller, portable, more affordable model” (Ray). The early mobile phones were originally meant for communicating, until companies realized that they could coordinate more uses into the phone like email, pager, fax machine and address book. Flash forward a few years and now we have features like surfing the web, checking…

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