Mobile Phones : An Essential Instrument With Everyday Lifestyle

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We live in a world occupied by new technology, developing every day that overwhelms intended consumers. Years ago, people had to write a message to talk with one another and many people sent the letter by pigeon, post, or messenger. Most people wanted change, to make communication easier. Therefore, they made some inventions for instance the telegraph, radio, telephone, as well as the newest phone. Cell phones are among the best examples linked with changes throughout technology these days. During the 21st century, the smart phone became an essential instrument with an everyday lifestyle. Human beings make use of smart cell phones in saving everything inside their daily lifestyle. There are wide and varied smart phone manufactures all around the world for instance Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, and so on. Among all the smart phone manufactures, Apple and Samsung are classified as the leaders of smart phones. As a result, the merchandise from these companies is a popular one for many people, for example the Apple iPhone 5s and also the Samsung Galaxy S5. Therefore, whenever we decide to purchase a smart phone from either the Apple iPhone 5s as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5, we always take into account the pros and cons the phone has to decide which is better. Although both the iPhone and galaxy are the most popular phones because of its uses among a lot of people, the Galaxy might be considered the better phone because of the cost and that the phone is open in features to…

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