Mobile Phone With Advanced Software Function Essay

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Smart phone is a mobile phone with advanced software function (Pitichat, 2013). It has become one of the most popular and essential communication technology for personal and work use of people’s daily life. This is because it provides very advanced facilities for users such as: internet camera applications, sending e-mail, Bluetooth, playing games, YouTube, and television (Pitichat 2013).There are varieties of smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android. They are small in size, portable and they are handled device, which has allow people to communicate easily and give the ability to do work on a Smartphone, anywhere and at any time (Derks et al 2014). It has become convenient for majority of people as nowadays people frequently use it to make and receive phone calls and for other entertainment. The use of smartphone has increased and has changed people lifestyle such as their work, study, and the way they communicate with people (Pitichat, 2013). The growing technology of the smart phone has huge impact on work in both positive and negative ways. Hence, the purpose of this report is to Discuss how smartphones have changed the way people work.

Many search tools were used during research to develop great outcome for the report. One of the source was Google and it was used to develop the understanding of the topic and search lots of terms. Google Scholar search provided online scholarly information that were important and relevant for the research topic. The…

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