Mobile Phone Use And Mental Health

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Register to read the introduction… The study focused on a 45 minute online assessment taken over five months by 383 undergraduate psychology students (majority female) from the University of Washington. The study shows the overuse of mobile phones can cause strong emotional reactions and impulsive behaviour which can interfere with activity performance. Evidence from this study also shows those individuals with a strong anticipation for receiving phone calls and text messages were the ones most likely to be involved in a motor vehicle incident. The article has been quite comprehensive in terms of its detailed attention to the characteristics mentioned above and how they could affect an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. The article does not seem to contain any credibility issues as the study was carried out by reputable researchers from the University of Washington, contains an extensive list of references and published as a peer reviewed journal in the Journal of Adolescents which is ranked as one of the top scholarly journals in adolescent medicine and health. However one shortcoming is that it does contain some obscure results due to the fact the authors are unable to measure the variables at the time of accidents and the information being used relies on the honesty and memory of a small and specific demographic of individuals partaking in the …show more content…
The study, which was based on two questionnaires held 12 months apart, was conducted on 4156 young Swedish adults between the ages of twenty and twenty four years old. The results show the over use of mobile phones is linked to symptoms of depression and sleep disorders particularly in those that had previously found the use of mobile phones to be stressful. The overuse, high accessibility and the risk of addiction of mobile phones were all raised as key issues. The article does not seem to contain any credibility issues or bias as the study was financed by a Swedish government agency “Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research”, published by an academic peer reviewed journal “BMC Public Health” and performed by qualified researchers from the University of Gothenburg. As the article was first published in 2011 and is based on studies that were reported 5 years earlier there may be more current studies worth observing. The relevance of this article is evidenced in how it explains the connection between mobile phone use and declining health issues. However, as questionnaires are not always totally reliable as research tools, it is advisable to be aware that this could be a

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