Essay about Mobile Learning As A Tool For Exploration Learning

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Over the past decade, the advent of learning technologies invade the teachers and students? life .These technologies increase communication opportunities between individuals and learning through e-learning. Ortega, et al. (2010) defined e learning as "using electronic technologies to deliver learning content. Currently, it also implies making use of interactive learning resources through communication facilities ".It assists in building learners knowledge and make a great impact on their academic achievement. Mobile learning is a tool for exploration learning where learners gains new knowledge and experience (Sharples, M., Arnedillo-S?nchez, I., Milrad, M., & Vavoula, G. ,2009 ). Mobile learning is one of these learning approaches that implement the technology in its forms ?? cellphone?? as well the power of internet. Cochrane and Bateman (2010) define mobile learning as involving ?the use of wireless enabled, mobile digital devices (wireless mobile devices) within and between pedagogically designed learning environments or contexts?. Thus, mobile learning contribute to the online learning, distance learning, sociocultural, situated learning and perhaps more than this. As scholars noticed the numerous number of students who own cellphones and almost being addicted to them, teachers should decide to start taking the benefits of this device. To do this, researchers should educate learners as well as teachers of the mobile learning profits. Recently mobile…

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