Mobile Devices Have A Good Impact On K 12 Schools Essay

1180 Words Oct 11th, 2016 5 Pages
According to Department of Psychology and Educational Science, Open University of Catalonia, Spain, teachers is using apps in the classrooms more than those in the past (above 40%). ( Domingo 7). Researchers are exploring the idea that whether Technology such as computer programs, tablet, mobile devices have a good impact on K-12 schools or not. This question is very important because it relates to 50.1 million students in K-12 schools across America. Even though many people encourage using technology in the classrooms; however, some researchers found that technology is also harmful to students.
Current researchers found that technology is an effective tool for both teachers and students to do more experiments in pedagogy. For examples, a group of researchers in Spain provides evidence that using applications in English, Pre-Calculus, and Science class helps improve the connection between the teachers and students in the classroom. Moreover, they also found that “Affordances of mobile technology are defined as the attributes of this technology which provide potential for learning, and this potential provided by the affordances influences the learner progress towards the task goal” (Domingo 7). Moreover, some educators believe that people should take the time to integrate instructional technologies because technology actually has benefits to education. (Pitman 4). By using technology more frequently, students will have more fun when they are studying and they will be much…

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