Mobile Computing Is Something That We All Use Now A Day Essay

1077 Words Apr 13th, 2016 null Page
Mobile computing is something that we all use now a day. Even older people use it. I use it, my parents do, my friends, literally everybody. Mobile computing comes in handy with me when I have to do homework for school. For example, while at work, I don’t have access to the internet at all so I rely on my iPad. When I have discussions that need to be posted for school, I take my iPad with me and log on Ashford University’s website and go on student portal. I look up my class and the topic on the assignment that we need to do. While having the topic up, I get my notebook and start to write a draft. Without my iPad and phone this will make it harder on me because once I go back home, I try to spent as much time possible with my daughter as much as I can. Years ago, a cell phone was nothing compare to what we have now. I remembered the first time I received my very first phone. The only thing I could did with it was make a call in case of an emergency and send text messages. However, now we use it for everything! From logging on to our emails, going on social media and etc. Thinking about this now, amazes me how far our technology has come.
Another thing that we have now that we never had years ago is apps installed on our cell phones. From our bank apps, games, social media app to basically everything! People are addicted with their apps now a day that it passes on to their kids. Believe it or not, kids this generation are experts at tablets and cellphone a lot more than us.…

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