Mobile Computing ( Fall 2016 ) Mid Term Report Essay

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EEC 687 - Mobile Computing (Fall 2016) Mid-Term Report

Radio engineers are encouraging to think again about the design of radio receiver because of increase in chip computing power. Since last many year hardware radio architecture which consist of transceiver where signal cut down to Intermediate Frequency, then is filtered, again converted to baseband and then finally demodulated. With the help of this simple design television, FM radio and mobile phones were developed and spread all over the world successfully. Late in 80s development of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) led to digital transceivers. This type of transceivers classified into two parts: a radio front end which is use for limit the frequency to narrowband frequency and then ADC, and second part is radio back end which is use for remaining steps [1]. This architecture succeeded because of low cost ASIC chipsets but is has some limitations. So by upgrading the radio transceiver with the help of software with nominal addition led to so-called Software Define Radio (SDR) architectures. Here FPGA, general purpose processors and other device altogether perform the signal processing task. And by doing this engineers relate the software domain to antenna as they can as possible for higher functionality. [5]
Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio is a radio platform that uses software techniques on digitized radio signals. Therefore, at a certain stage in the receiving chain the…

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