Mobbo Secuirty Case Study

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Mobo Secuirty
Type: Secuirty Application
Short description:
Mobile devices are the most important part of our lives. Now a days what you do or want to know what others are doing. If you want to save your precious moments in that case you also use mobile. In that case all your memories stored in your mobile. So mobile security is getting importance day by day and people are getting more and more concern to secure their privacy.
Keeping this thing in mind we have decided to create a security application that will help to protect or privacy in case if we lose our mobile device then we can do something to keep track of our device and do can take an action against the responsible authorities.
1. Login System
2. Sound
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IMEI/MEID Tracking
1. Login System
Login system is very important part in any privacy related system/application. In Login screen user has an option to set password for his/her application. He has multiple different ways to set password. In case if he forgot his password he has the option to recover his password by answering some questions. We have a unique facility that if you want to know who is trying to access your private information. This application will take the photo of the intruder (Front camera required).

2. Sound an Alarm
With this feature you are able to sound an alarm whenever you lost your device. So your device is either on silent mode or set at a very low sound it will make a load alarm sound that identifies you with in a short area.
3. Erase Memory
If your mobile is lost and there is no way you can do or first thing that you wanting to do is to wash out your memory in which all of your private data includes like pictures, videos or any other important files. You can delete all of them from any other mobile using the command code.
4. Backup your Contacts
You can take a backup or you contacts and store it to some other place so if you lose any of then you can restore than from our application easily.
5. Take
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SIM card change Alerts
If your phone is lost and SIM card is changed, an alert SMS will be sent to the reporting number. So that you can get the new number of your lost phone .Hence by using that new numbers you can perform any action that you want.
7. Call Tracking
Call tracking is a feature through which user maintain call history related to any contact or number. Later on he can check record regarding to any contact.
8. SMS Tracking
In SMS tracking user can store and view all SMS of any contact that will be stored in the directory of the application.
9. Call Blocking
To get rid of the annoying people user can use the call blocking service of the application. By putting contacts to the black list user don’t need to worry any more.
10. SMS Blocking
Just like calls if user doesn’t want to receive messages from any unknown person, here he has the option that he can avail and stay calm.

11. Location Detection
If you lost your mobile or it is stolen you don’t need to worry about that just send your secrete code to your number and you can check your location anywhere in the world.

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