Mob Hysteria And The Mccarthy Era Essay

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Mob Hysteria is defined as the heightened and extreme emotions that can be experienced by people in a large crowd. There have been many outbreaks of Mob Hysteria in history. For example, just recently, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri created mob hysteria that spread like a wildfire throughout the city. Blacks in the city became scared and angry; they started riots, burned buildings, and vandalized. The Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Era are two more instances of Mob Hysteria. During the Salem Witch Trials, people were frightened that they would be accused of being a witch, which would result in execution. During the McCarthy “witch hunt”, Communism was formidable. People were being called out and investigated for spreading Communist influence. The author of The Crucible, Arthur Miller, wrote the play based on the ideas of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Era, two very different times in history. Influenced by the non-fictional events of the Salem Witch Trials and the accusations during the McCarthy Era, Miller wrote The Crucible, which portrays how Mob Hysteria can cause fear, paranoia, and accusation.

Mob Hysteria is known to spread fear throughout those who are caught up in the act. This is depicted clearly in the Salem Witch Trials and The Crucible. In the book, the reader sees how an individual has a sense of trepidation when chaos ensues. For example, during the trials, Proctor hands Judge Danforth a list of people who…

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