Essay about Mob Hysteria And The Mccarthy Era

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Mob Hysteria in Two Era What caused Mob Hysteria to outbreak after a traumatic event? There were many events where there where part of Mob Hysteria in history. In one event during World War II, when the Japanese Americans were put in prison camps because The Americans thought they were spies for the enemy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor . In the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Era, in both event people were accused without evidence unless they gave accuse someone to take there place else but if they did not give a name, they would be punished and prosecuted. Both Event are are simlar because in Arthur Miller 's Book The crucible Explains the event during the Salem Witch Trials.In the book many peole where accuse with no evidence, the characters were influenced by the events of the Salem Witch trials and the McCarthy Era. Miller shows and explains the crisis that was occurring during both events Though his story The Crucible. influenced by the non-fictional events of the Salem Witch Trials and the accusations during the McCarthy Era Miller wrote The Crucible , which portrays how Mob Hysteria leads to fear, which creates false accusations, and Mass chaos which results in harsh punishment. False accusations create mass chaos, which was shown throughout the Salem Witch Trials and told throughout the book called The Crucible. In the book, the reader is shown how people accused their loved ones of “compacting with the devil”. For…

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