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Hill Enterprise is a firm that was founded by an individual with a definite goal to achieve. Over the time, the company augmented rapidly necessitating the need for a new partner to ensure the smooth running of the firm. With a new owner on board, operational changes occurred rapidly with workers finding themselves in strange position. In the backdrop of this rapid change in leadership, there was a paradigm shift in all operations within the firm. This culminated in the company registering losses and some workers contemplating on moving to other firms. This paper explores the dissimilar leadership styles and the varied predicaments that the organization underwent over the nine months period considered.
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He fails to strike a rapport between him and the employees on the first day when he goes in the production area with a clipboard and quietly converses with Daniella Robbins through gestures. Whereas employees are used to a personalized form of communication where management is in constant contact with the employees, Phil Bellows chose to use charts and demanded for an escalation of communication. He insisted that no employee would communicate to Robert Hill without going through him. Similarly, there is a rapid change in the informal communication model used to by employees to resentful one (Knudson, 1991).
In the nine months of Phil Bellows’ management tenure, there was a change in communication within the firm. Reportedly, he preferred to communicate to the employees through e-mails. The increased number of e-mails made employees to spend more time reading them causing increasingly narrower profits margins that culminated into losses. Despite knowing this, the employees remained relatively quiet as they considered this a means of punishment to Phil for his despotic leadership styles (Knudson, 1991).
Reportedly, there were confusions amid the employees which were the result of conflicting orders from the management. From the case study, it is evident that they seemed to contradict each other in terms of policies and procedures. The new management under Phil did not recognize communication between

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