Mng301 Strategic Management Possible Questions Essay

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Strategic Management Workshop

Knowing the answers to all of these questions (seventy-six in total) will guarantee you outstanding marks in the final examination as they represent the Strategic Management course (up to chapter six) in its entirety. Therefore virtually every question that can be associated with the course material thus far has been covered. Please therefore answer all of them in your own time in order to prepare yourself for the pending examination.
Once you have done so tackle the pilot examination (closed book) that is attached hereto. This should more than adequately prepare you for the final assessment! NB: Also complete the attached October/November 2006 examination.

Chapter 1:

1. Define
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Discuss the following in this context: • A strength (2) • A weakness (2) • An opportunity (2) • A threat (2) 5. What are the limitations of a SWOT analysis? (4) 6. Superior resources can not only be a strength but also an organizational competitive advantage. Give an example of a tangible and an intangible resource and tool one can use to determine the level of such strength (4) 7. Discuss the term organizational capabilities from a strength point of view (6) 8. What are the characteristics that make a resource valuable? (5) 9. What are the three aspects of resources that result in customer value? (3) 10. The concept of the value chain refers to the value-added linkages from source of raw material through the transformation process and ultimately to the final customer. Each link must provide value otherwise it should be negated. Michael Porter’s value chain consist of primary and supportive activities that make up the value chain. Discuss the following primary and supportive activities and how they can provide value: • Logistics (4) • Operations (4) • Marketing (4) • Customer service (4) • Procurement (4) • HR

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