Military And Business Strategy Essay

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Learning journal Part 01

MN6005 Strategy: Choice & Impact

Learning Journal Question Part 1: Theme 1
1.1. Military and Business Strategy

The term strategy is originated from the Greek word called “strategia” which means “generalship.” But, the concept of strategy is not originated with the Greeks. Strategy is the overall plan for deploying resources to establish a favorable position; (Grant, 2010).in other words, strategy can be defined as a direction and a scope of an organization to achieve advantages in a competitive environment in a long run.
There are three common characteristics in strategic decisions whether in military or business environment. Those are; they are very important, they involve a significant commitment of resources
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Organizational purpose is created to give a proper idea about the organization’s current situations to the stakeholders.
Organizational Purpose giving a guideline to internal and external stakeholders for what the organization is going for. Organizational strategic purpose influences on Governance structure, Social Responsibility and ethics and stakeholder expectations. Figure 2 : Influences on strategic purpose
Organizational purpose can be divided into two main parts as Vision, mission when concerning about the time duration. Vision can be defined as where we’re going in the long-term and Mission is defining about the organizational purpose and mission concentrates on the present. It identifies who the organization is, what it does, and who it serves.
However Robert M. Grant explains “The mission statement is the basic statement of organizational purpose; it addresses “Why we exist.”” (Grant, 2010). According to Exploring corporate strategy book it says an important managerial task is to decide how the organization should express its strategic purpose through statements of values, vision, mission or objectives. (G Johnson, 2008)
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