Mm575 Adverting Critique Essay

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Proposal for New Client
We are please to welcome you as a new customer of Keller Advertising Agency. We feel honor and special that you have chosen us to introduce the new eReader into the marketplace. As the Vice President, I will make sure that we have a very clear vision for your company and will work to ensure that all visions, missions, objective value, and strategies are in place to fulfill your business expectation. Our expectation is to change consumers reading habit base on technology that will help the eReader translate any type of books with no different as a hard cover book. We have a great product as compared to the competitors, its strengths and features represent keys elements for success. We will ensure that its
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The 3G model provides you with internet access from anywhere without having to be nears a wireless router. The 3G model uses the same technology as cell phones do. But, he 3G model will cost more than the Wi-Fi.
The next one is the 2011 Sony Reader PRS-650 Review. This touch screen compact size devise seem to be the most potable reader on the market for some people.

Analyze the market place:

When analyzed their marketing strategy, we found that only one of these products had strength to compare with our product because of its feature. But we glad that we have found that because that will help us determine the kind of advertising campaign needs for our product. The best thing is to compare some of the competitors, so we can put them in a scale to weight their effectiveness. eReader model Screen Size User control Memory Build Battery life Weight Dimensions Files format Internet access 9.7″ 1200×824 E-Ink Joy Sticks 4 GB
No Expansion 1 to 3 weeks 18.9 oz 10.4″ High
7.2″ Wide
.38″ Deep AZW, PDF, TXT, MP3, 3G 6″ 600×800 E-Ink 5-Way Controller 1 GB
4 GB Expansion 2 weeks 8 oz 7.2″ High
4.7″ Wide
.4″ Deep EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM No internet access 6″ 600×800 E-Ink 5-Way Controller + Keyboard 4 GB
Not Expandable 1 month 8.5oz (wi-fi)

8.7oz (wifi+3G 7.5″ High
4.8″ Wide
.335″ Deep ZW, TXT, PDF, AA, AAX, MP3, Wi-Fi or Wifi+3G
By analyzing all the above current advertising strategies, we found that the number

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