Mm255 Unit 1 to 8 Solution Essay

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MM255 Unit 1 to 8 Solution

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Unit 1: Instructor Graded Assignment

Basic Math

In this class, you will complete an Instructor Graded Assignment in Units 1 to 10. These Assignments give you a chance to apply the skills you have learned as you complete each unit. You will have a chance to solve problems using a combination of the math skills learned and internet research.

Unit 1 focuses on solving basic math problems, which is covered in your reading from:

● Chapter 1: “Review of Whole Numbers”
● Chapter 2: “Review of Fractions”
● Chapter 3: “Decimals”
● Chapter 4: “Percentages”

You must show your work at all times. The steps for solving
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KU Math Center: Take advantage of the KU Math Center’s many services:
a. Math Tutoring
b. Question & Answer Services
c. Request a Video Example Services
d. Project Review Services (be sure to submit Assignments early enough to receive feedback and make corrections before the Assignment due date, 24 hour turn-around times Monday-Thursday and 48 hour turn-around times on weekends are typical).
e. Math Center Reference Library

To access the KU Math Center, start at the KU Campus Home Page. From the KU Campus Home Page, select My Studies (top menu bar), then select Academic Support Center, and review the Math Center offerings.

4. Email Your Instructor: Your instructor is only an email away; when you cannot make any more progress on a problem, reach out. Send your instructor the work you started and steps of the problem you have completed so far, and ask for help. Your instructor will respond within 24 hours.

Basic Math Assignment
(Total 40 Points)

Question 1: (4 Points)

a) The price of a product went up $3 in 2013 and went down $4 in 2014. What is the overall change in price over the two year period?

Unit 2: Instructor Graded Assignment


Unit 2 focuses on equations and how to solve them, which is covered in your reading from Chapter 5: “Equations.”

For this Assignment, you will write a one-page, four-paragraph essay explaining an equation you will develop. Your essay must be carefully planned and

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