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Assignment on “Outsourcing of Telecommunication Networking”

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It has been argued for several years now that the phenomenon of ‘global production sharing’ through global value chains (GVCs), around which a substantial literature exists, has helped developing countries expand export-oriented manufacturing activity. GVCs represent the significant unit of organization of international production, wherein ‘lead firms’, largely multinational corporations
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These areas, often characterized by higher technological and skill requirements, are also commonly oligopolistic and subject to significant barriers to entry, whereas the lower value-added segments of many GVCs have low entry barriers and constitute ongoing entry by firms into countries that previously did not produce those products (Milberg 2004; Milberg and Winkler 2010). To what extent is it possible for developing countries to counter the tendencies towards lower-end concentration in GVCs, often characterized by poor employment conditions and wage stagnation, which affects the standard of living of people engaged in the sector? To what extent is it possible to capture rents in different segments that allow for reinvestment, with this being one of the major challenges to longer-term economic development? Even if the former, commonly referred to as ‘economic upgrading’, happens, what is required for it to translate into social upgrading, or the expansion of employment accompanied by improvement in its quality?

In the above context, this paper examines the industrial organizational structure of the mobile telecom sector in India. The next section places the issue of industrial organization within the context of CVCs. This is followed by a discussion of the nature of mobile telecom in India.

GPNs and issues of industrial organization

The mobile telecom sector, taken as a whole, is an interesting one to analyse in this

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