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Markmantra is the brain-child of IIFT, encompassing various dimensions of marketing and exploring horizons of this integral business function. To bring out the best in the marketing domain from the trivial to the bizarre things that really matter which is aimed at enlightening the marketers is the onus of the team. We have a legacy of producing one of the best marketing magazines across all B-Schools. Trend analysis and innovation in the market are two prime focus areas of the magazine. These, we think, will make you ponder upon how a company proactively or reactively markets its offerings. Customer value is of paramount importance to every marketer and we as IIFTians strive to provide maximum value proposition to our customers, that is, …show more content…
Light-Headed Corner

b-schools, marketing is often termed as ‗gas‘, for more than one reasons like it has no structure, no hard and fast rule. Let‘s agree to disagree with this acknowledgement. It is gas; actually it is the ‗oxygen‘ for any organization. It is omnipresent around customers and personnel alike and an integral function of any organization. So what is the whole hoopla contemplating marketing as a subject matter of research studies? Well, the studies have seen a transition from the Production concept of mass production and distribution to the holistically developed Marketing concept of any organization‘s orientation towards the market place. Today marketing entails integrated marketing which is essentially the mix among the various Ps, relationship marketing with customers and channel partners, along with performance marketing with respect to growth centric approach and internal marketing with various other stakeholders. It is not only about goods and services; marketing has risen to such an extent to market ideas, experiences, people, places, events, properties, and organizations to capture various prospects. What defines marketing is the key fundamental of management to have meaningful insights of the marketplace and proactively act to achieve mutual benefit among the several stakeholders. Marketing strives for exploration, creation, communication and delivery of ‗value‘ which is a combination of

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