Mkt 421, Final Marketing Plan Paper

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Marketing Plan
July 2, 2012
MKT 421
Ronald Bonlender
Marketing Plan Apple Inc. became incorporated in 1977 and has since generated many innovations giving Apple Inc. a valuable reputation as well as immense revenue. Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a variety of products sold nationwide through retail stores, online sites, and direct sale. Apple Inc. is recognized for product differentiation and will continue to do so with the introduction of Apple Inc.’s I-Magine (video game console). In creating a marketing plan, Apple Inc. intends to consider various factors, such as geographic availability, product mix, and transmission of product description. In addition, phase I of Apple Inc.’s marketing plan will consider an
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Committed to the challenge in Phase II, Team B will focus emphasis on the segmentation criteria needed to move I-Magine into the video game console market. This stage of the marketing plan will cover segmentation, targeting, and competition needed to surpass expectations. To achieve this objective, the team will anticipate consumer and buyer needs by examining factors influencing purchase decisions. Analysis of the organizational buyers and consumers will help define current competitors and the landscape for launching a new Apple Inc. product.

As Phase II identifies the segmentation criteria and target markets as well as description of buyers, consumers, and competitors that influence purchasing decisions, Phase III provides further detail of the marketing plan. This phase of marketing Apple Inc.’s I-Magine provides consideration of several attributes of the upcoming video game console. In addition, this phase describes the pace in which this product will move through the product life cycle as well as factors affecting its movement and marketing of the product. In addition, identification of its position and differentiation strategies and appropriate price strategies are reflected on.

The final Phase of Apple’s plan to market I-Magine’s video game console is to integrate each Phase of the marketing plan into a single arrangement. Additional

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