Reflective Essay: How Mizzou Changed My Life

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It is difficult to put into such a short essay the struggle, yet incredible journey Mizzou has given me in the last few months. This last semester at the University of Missouri has been one of the most emotional and biggest changes I have had in my life. I can definitely agree to not being the only student who felt scared, excited, nervous and joyful all at once in their first semester at college. I’ve grown up in a not-so-typical family. Although my parents have been together for 19 years they have struggled in their marriage tremendously. Throughout high school, I learned things about my family that I had not known as a child, things I would have never understood if I had not been told at the age I was told at. These facts about my family …show more content…
In my eyes, this is courage and devotion. I have thought tremendously in my lifetime about what I could do to repay them for the millions of things they have given up and done for me and our family. I feel obligated to make them proud, show them that their daughter can endure that much courage and devotion that they first brought to this country. I feel that I am the optimism that occurs in their lives, something that they look at and can show off to the world, without the option of going to college and finish my education, I lack the ability to do so. My plan of action if I were to be re-enrolled into the University is to focus more on myself. My education. The fact is, is that family is important, but what happens at home is what happens there. My life is at Mizzou now and I plan to devote all my time and efforts into my education to pave the road for my future and what is to come then. I hope that this essay not only explains my struggles and why my grades were not as best as they could be, but also my devotion to succeed at Mizzou and how much the university means to me in aspects beyond its educational

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