Mixed Techniques For Mixed Methods Essay

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Having decided that both methods are to be used, a further refinement of the process has to take place. This is a phase that cannot be entered into haphazardly, for mixed methods research does not mean just mixing the objectives, or the integrating the findings at the end. Mixed methods research requires that researchers understand the process, decide what is to be accomplished in the study, and then decide at what point in the process the methods are to be mixed. It does require that the initial collection of the data be carried out together, or individually, and that if integration takes place at the point of data collection, it does determine what that process would look like. Therefore, setting about to do a mixed methods research requires researchers to be knowledgeable in the various mixed methods research types that exist.
Different methods exist. According to Rocco, Bliss, Gallagher and Perez-Prado (2003), the mixed methods types could be classified in terms of the nature of the research project. It could begin with the decision that the study has to exploratory without a priori hypotheses and /or confirmatory with a priori hypotheses. According to these authors, the next stage would be deciding on the type of data collection and operations that would be carried out. This would include the sampling procedures to be used, the measuring techniques as well as the methods that would be used in order to come up with trustworthy results (Rocco et al., 2003, p. 23).…

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