Jeffrey M. Fish Mixed Blood Summary

Abrar Alrashidi, Cultural Anthropology 211

Racism has been the permanent phenomenon of the whole history in the world. Racism has been
Rooted since the creation of human begin. It’s basically defined as individual acts of meanness
This issue has caused lots of discrimination, problems, and several wars more than we expected.
Racists express behaviors and beliefs that make them feel valuable and give them the right to control other groups, robbed of their rights and the fact that all their needs that belong to the second group race or religion, should give the first group itself the right to control of their own destiny and their property. The types of racism are many, such as sectarian, religious, racial,
Stratified and gender discrimination.

“I have
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Therefore, most of these groups contradict each other by being arrogant. from the article “Mixed Blood” by
Jeffrey M. Fish, the article argues about that race is not a biological entity that Identifies someone’s Behavior, and it’s not logically to judge somebody differently because of the biological differences in behaviors through races. It’s culturally constructed, oriented, and
Categorized. He tries to illustrate that people interact with each other by their own culture’s
Background, people tend to communicate with other based on their thoughts and beliefs from
Their own perspective. Each group or society has a specific phenotype towards other groups.
The race basically becomes from our physical appearance. Therefore, these racial classifications
Such as white skin versus dark skin, upper class versus lower class, and religion versus religion
Have become part of some societies we are in today. Biological anthropologist Alan Goodman
Mentioned that Americans live in “racial smog.”. When he said that, he uses a metaphor

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