Mixed Blessing Stakeholders With High Threat And High Corporations

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decision maker. They are mixed blessing stakeholders with high threat and high corporations. The strategy they need to focus is collaboration. They are the most influential group, so they need to make an effort and push other groups to make this project a success. Through proper communication and collaboration they can share their objectives and the process with other groups. Some of the important stakeholders are student and the North Philly resident. They have many obligations to implement this project. Therefore, TU needs to collaborate and give the information that the people are looking for. They have to maintain a strong relationship with the student, the university, North Philly resident, athletics and the donors. The Board of Trustees is the definitive stakeholders. They have power, legitimacy and urgency. They want this project to be implemented and they are the final decision maker. Their challenge is to get other stakeholders involved and execute this project. The Board of Trustees should follow the Utilitarian approach with different stakeholders like the donors, the city of Philadelphia and the residence of North Philly. They should give the proper information and show the benefits of having a stadium to all the donors. They can do feasibility study to give a proper picture of their plans to the stakeholders. They need to be transparent and make an effort to have meetings, sessions with the North Philly community. So that the residents are clear about the

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