Essay Mitigation Plan For Anytown, Usa

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Mitigation planning is extremely important for communities throughout the world. In order to develop a mitigation plan for Anytown, USA, it is important to know and understand many details. This paper will discuss those many details of Anytown which are needed in order to develop a mitigation plan which will be specifically tailored to Anytown’s needs. Included in this paper, you will find the size, population, previous disasters, relevant community details, the teams, civic and community stakeholders needed to develop the mitigation plan, natural and manmade disasters which pose a threat to Anytown, the physical vulnerabilities including critical infrastructure, land and structures at risk from a disaster and the social vulnerabilities within Anytown, USA including the special populations in Anytown.
Anytown, USA is a typical Upper Midwest town, home to 323,515 residents, and is “split by the Lopes River” (Anytown Mitigation, EMM-310). The city of Anytown is 53 square miles, 5.3 of which is water, has a downtown area measuring 10 square miles, and woodland, parks, and steep river bluffs which total to 2,500 acres. Anytown experiences frigid, snowy winters where temperatures drop as low as 27 degrees and an average of 50 inches of snow. With the winter months comes snow and ice storms which result in power outages that have lasted up to 7 days. The summer brings heat and humidity along with temperatures reaching 80 degrees. Along with the heat and cold, the residents of…

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