The Vietnam Generation Summary

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The Vietnam was an unusual time for the Americans. It was not really agreed upon by all the citizens to go to war with Vietnam. Not all the people agreed with all the decisions whether it is the tactics that were used or all the deaths that occurred. As Young points out in her article, she talks about how terrible the conditions were and its after effects that it has had on those that served (515). She also discusses how it is hard to imagine what happened. It might be due to the fact of the horrible events that took place such as the way “the war was something that happened among Americans” (Young, 516). There was such a cultural gap and misunderstandings of the land that it created many errors throughout the war. The horrific conditions made it hard on the soldiers as well (Young, 518). It brought up questions about America as a whole and its beliefs. It was unclear at this point and the country was at an awkward place. This argument agrees with what is in our class …show more content…
Many young people enlisted to join the army. They did not have any power so they did not have any way to resist signing. Those that enlisted also did not have hope to go to college or were poor. It was like being penalized rather than fighting for pride and passion for the United States. It was also looked at as only the smartest and fittest would survive this deadly war (Baskir & Strauss, 8). This eventually led to corruption among the soldiers. Not only did they have a war to focus on, there was tension among the soldiers. Many of them did not want to be there and were trying to avoid ways of having to enlist. It made the war that much harder to make a success and go there for the reasons that were realistic and thoroughly thought out. There were not many choices except to join the army and was a hard time in our history. (Baskir & Strauss,

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