Essay about Mistress Shore By William Shakespeare

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Mistress Shore is one of the most important characters in Shakespeare 's play Richard III, even though she doesn’t show up at all in the play. Without Mistress Shore, much of the play up unto this point would not develop the way it is with her, in fact without her as a plot device, there would be no Richard III because she is what allows for the jailing and death of Hastings, as well as the incrimination of the queen later on in the play and even the development of Richard as a character he is. Shore is a prime example of a character having a major presence and influence on a story, promoting both primary themes, and as a plot device moving the story forward. Mistress shore is one of the most instrumental of all to Shakespeare with his development and eventual demise of the characters Clarence, and Hastings. Mistress Shore is first mentioned early in the play when Clarence speaks with Richard about his own imprisonment “By heaven, I think there is no man secure, But the Queen’s kindred and night-walking heralds, That trudge betwixt the King and Mistress Shore, Heard you not what an humble suppliant Lord Hastings was to her for his delivery?” (act 1 scene 1, lines 75-78). In other words, Clarence is saying that nobody involved with the King, or Mistress Shore is not safe from the Queen’s jealousy. It is this comment introduces several very important characters, like the King, Queen, and Hastings and becomes the basis of much of the story line. Richard uses this comment to…

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