Essay on Missouri and Water Pollution

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Missouri and Water Pollution
Action needs to be taken to reduce water pollution in Missouri for the sake of health, cost, and the preservation of wildlife. In a recent conservation Survey 97% of Missourians voted water pollution as the number concern in conservational issues.
Why are so many Missourians concerned about water pollution? 2.5 million Missouri residents rely on streams for drinking water. Water treatment and cleansing is not a cheap process, it is expensive and comes out of the pockets of Missouri citizens. When more money is spent on water treatment and cleansing it is safe to drink the higher the water bills go up, causing the residents of Missouri to pay more.
Not only is the issue the cost but the health risks
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Fish kills are high in Missouri; in fact, ten thousand fish are killed each year because of water pollution. Stated in a Missouri Conservation article “24 pollution events investigated in 2006, 17 resulted in the deaths of 51,390 fish and other aquatic animals.” (Missouri Department of Conservation, 1990). According to Jim Auckley, who is the managing editor of the Missouri Department of Conservation stated “The Conservation Department conducts about 400 water quality investigations each year. Two-thirds of these are caused by low oxygen or disease, but the rest are caused by pollution.” (Auckley, 2000). Auckley also stated “Some Missouri streams are so chronically polluted that the fish population never has a chance to recover. This sometimes occurs downstream from a site where an industry is violating its water quality permit.” (Auckly, 2000). The chart below (Image 2) shows the amount of pollution incidents reported monthly in 2006. Some of the incidents caused dramatic fish kills, other pollution spills did not result in fish kills but in other organisms were harmed.
Image 2. (Zeweig, 2008)
Insects and Plants also play an important part in the wildlife habitats and are affected greatly by water pollution. Plants provide fish and other aquatic animals with shelter and oxygen. The plants are also a food source for some fish, insects, and other animals. Insects also provide fish and other

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