Mississippi River : History And History Essay

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Mississippi history played a big part in how America is today. Mississippi gets its’ name from the Native American word meaning “great river”. This comes from the Choctaws Indians which were the largest Native American tribe in Mississippi before they lost their lands due to unfair treaties. The Mississippi River has played a large role in Mississippi history. The Mississippi River helped create the fertile Delta region of Mississippi. Mississippi is known for its history of racism. Many non-whites in particular, African-Americans have been martyred fighting for civil rights in Mississippi. Because their fight and sometimes deaths drew national attention to Mississippi, these martyrs are African-American heroes and their history is Mississippi history and the history of America.
The Mississippi River has also played an important part in the history of Mississippi. The Mississippi River is the fourth longest and tenth largest river in the world. The Mississippi River and its tributary rivers and streams play and major role in the economic past and future of the state. The Mississippi River is responsible for the rich farm land of the Delta region. This led to prosperous farming after the Civil war. On the other hand, the Mississippi River has also responsible for flooding which caused countless damage in years past. Also, the Mississippi River has been used as a dumping ground of bodies by the KKK. They used the river to dump bodies and hide the evidence of…

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