Mission Vision Values And Goals In School

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A fully functioning PLC would include teachers, parents, administrators, support staff, and community members all working together to ensure student success. When schools function as a PLC the stakeholders believe that all students can achieve at a high level and it is the collective responsibility of all to achieve this goal. All stakeholders make sure resources are used in a responsible way, supporting the mission vision, value and goals. The group functions around a mission, vision, value and goals proposal universally developed by all. The group makes a commitment and clarifies what each group and person will do to achieve this goal. Teams have the freedom to make decisions aligned with the mission. It is driven by these goals to become …show more content…
In order to continue this effort all involved ask themselves some key questions. What do we plan for? What do we monitor? Are we acting according to our mission, vision, values and goals? What might be the most effective response when students don’t learn? What data are we gathering to assess our effectiveness? Is collaboration the norm? Are there more effective ways to fulfill our mission, vision, values, and goals? These all characterize PLC descriptor number one shared mission, vision, value and goals that focus on student learning. Characteristic number two and three, a collaborative culture focus on improving our practice, may be one of the most difficult tasks we face. Teachers are often in their classroom functioning as an island. “Are teachers and administrators willing to accept the fact that they are part of the problem... God didn’t create self-contained classrooms, 50-minute periods, and subjects taught in isolation. We did-because we find working alone safer than and preferable to working together. (DuFour 1998, pp.126). It is painful and scary to try and struggle in front of others. Curriculum has been implemented and practices developed that have ingrained into teachers,

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