Mission Statement : Vision And Values Essay

1440 Words Nov 15th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout our life we follow a set of objectives to reach our goals. However, within an organization this tends to be a more defined statement that is frequently titled a “mission”. This mission states the purpose of the organization, the methods they plan to take, as well as the end result they wish to achieve. Furthermore, the purpose of this paper will be to discuss the mission, vision, values, and stated goals of the organization of which I am employed and my role in their achievement. The content within this paper will be based upon the information gathered from this week 's module as well as my employer; University Hospital and will include how the open systems theory sets the groundwork for their growth. Additionally, we will discuss the organizational mission, vision and values, along with any strategic direction that University Hospital has put in place while explaining University Hospital 's organizational design and structure within the workplace.

Moreover, there are three parts to strategic planning for an organization when outlining their purpose. First, is a mission statement, followed by a vision statement, and lastly there is a values statement. When researching and evaluating an organization it is best to start with their mission statement as this is a form of strategic planning that exemplifies the purpose, functions, and mission of the organization in question (Huber, 2014). University Hospital believes that a mission statement describes the purpose…

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