Mission And Goals Of Coca Cola

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Purpose of the business
The organisation chosen is The Coca-Cola Company whose initial purpose during its time of establishment was to produce Coca-Cola syrup in order to sell it in fountain drinks. However over the time it was elevated to selling soft drinks to the general consumers as well as provide other products like juices, mineral water and other healthy beverages. Some of the products that it is associated with are Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid and Kinley (Afzal, 2010).
Mission, Vision and Values
Mission- The mission of the company is enduring and it helps declare the purpose for the company as well as aids in setting standards upon which the company weighs its decisions and actions. Some of the main focus is on to refresh the
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The main focus is on Leadership, Integrity, passion, Collaboration, Accountability, Quality and Diversity (Mission, Vision and Values, 2015).
Marketing goals
The different drinks of the Coca-Cola company has been around for 100 years but there is a need to continuously connect with the changing audience and to find new ways to make it seem different from its competitors. Some of the goals that the new marketing done by the company are as follows:-
• Create liquid content- This is a way to create ideas which are so contagious that it cannot be easily controlled like on a social web page where people can share photos, videos such as Facebook. Once the content has been release it will be shared everywhere whether as a video, an image or an article.
• The Content is Linked- The ides that is to be shared should be very much related to the company and its objectives, it should amplify the brand and serve the interests of the customer. The linked part means that the content should be relevant to the people as well as connected to the main objectives of the
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The company aims to augment its brand and products by conveying emotional experiences to the consumers in the form of hope, happiness and optimism which is delivered via social media and stores that are functioned by retail partners. The ideas of shared values is the main spirit of the brand and to collaborate with customers in order to understand how these values tend to set in the business. The company works with its retailers on the notion that it does everything to provide value to its customer, which includes creating in-store anticipation and excitement as well as insights and collaboration (Karolefski, 2013).
Target market
As Coca-Cola has positioned itself in the soft drinks market of over 200 countries, there is a standardised placement of the product offerings in the global market. By providing the similar offerings in different markets helps the company in achieving economies of scale. There is a very wide demographic of the company due to its popularity, the drinks provided by the company tends to satisfy the needs of all age groups, ethnic groups, lifestyles, etc. Some of the products are outlined as such:-
• Coca Cola- the most prosperous drink has the biggest demand along with its variants like diet coca cola, coca cola c2, coca cola zero,

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