Missing Women By June Spence Summary

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Could it be true?

How often do you hear or see the title “Missing” on a headline news story? The story “Missing Women” by June Spence is a story about three women who go missing in a small town: a mother, her teenage daughter, and the daugthers friend. The story centralizes on the community’s outlook on this scandal. The story seems to carry an abnormal atmosphere to it. The townspeople seem pretentious about these missing women and make the story seem theatrical. It is also a prime example of the society we live in today. The author evokes the feeling of sentiment to reader in order to keep the story compelling to the reader.

The story seemed somewhat thrown in your face. The beginning of the story starts out by illustrating an image
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This story has been repeated before, maybe not in the same exact context but very similarly. In real life there have been plenty of stories just like this one. Women go missing for a long amount of time, the community in which they live in goes frantic on thought of that, then these women are later found in a ditch somewhere or never found a all. For instance in 2010, there was a young high school girl who went missing for a couple of days in the city of Moreno Valley. It was during summer time, she was walking home and decided to take a shortcut along a very disclosed type of field, that was very quiet. A few days later her body was found she was unrecognizable, she had been raped, only through dental examination were they able to find her identification. About a year or so later her boyfriend at the time and a family member were charged with murder and rape and set for prison. This story is similar to “Missing Women” because all though they found the body and the suspects, the police do not know exactly what happened and how it happened. There are still missing pieces to the story. She might have been meeting up with her boyfriend and then was blind sighted and then raped, she could have fought back but then was beaten to death. It is still not clear, much like “Missing Women”. Women are obviously much weaker than men, making them more susceptible to be victimized. Men are a lot stronger and historically they are always the bad guy. Statistically it makes sense that the story is about three women who go missing in a small town(Norma

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