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There are several opinion says that university students should not be given courses on study skills in their study programme, as they are expected to have acquired these competencies from their earlier education.

From my point of view, I agreed with the above topic. The reason I agreed it is because we should not waste our valuable time in university to been taught on study skills. As one of the out campus student, time is very valuable to us. We have to secrete our time between study, work and family. Basically all the study skills such as time management, note taking, SQ3R and so on should be taught in our early education. (primary or secondary).

What are the study skills?
The term study skills is often used
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Only then read for the purpose of making notes on the key points. Look for an answer to the questions you first raised.
Recall – can I recall the key points without re-reading the text? Recall helps you to concentrate, and to make your reading active rather than passive. Orally ask yourself questions about what you have just read and summarize in your own words.
Review – look back at the text to check your recall. Have you missed anything of Importance?

In the 21st century the most significant challenges for graduates will be to manage their relationships with work and with the learning. This requires skills such as negotiating, action planning and networking, added to qualities of self-awareness and confidence. Besides that there are few others skills that most of the employment required such as, communication and presentation, planning and problem solving. These are the skills required to be ‘self-reliant’ in career and personal development. They are as valuable in education as in the workplace, and as valuable to organizations as they are to individuals.

Based on a report in Malaysia Today entitled ‘Malaysia Has 60 000 Graduates Unemployed’ (2005), the government has conducted a survey and found that around
60,000 Malaysian graduates are unemployed due to lack of certain skills such as communication skills, poor command of English and lack of working experience. Further, it has been reported by the

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