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OCB is a company based around knowledge and its unique team of specialized doctors, trying to further grow in a new sector. Questions of its operational structure and future strategic decisions seem to arise, in its way to be sustainable in the long run. Dr. Bradford Shingleton, seems to be one of the most valuable assets of the the company, as his practice is the largest within the clinic, contributing the 10% of total revenues and 20% [1] of the surgical procedures. Shingleton’s roots of success and the key fact that sets him apart from his partners is his entrepreneurial spirit. He operates as an entrepreneur in his own business, trying to have the complete control of
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OCB seems to rely only to a certain surgeon, which operates on his own trying to meet his own goals. His creativity and individualistic approach were possibly beneficial of the company at an earliest stage of its growth (Stage 1: Creativity, Greiner Model), in order to get off the ground but at this point direction (Stage 2, Greiner Model) should be given and the location and installation of a strong business manager who can pull the organization together is obligatory. As described in the model, OCB seems to moving towards the stage of revolution, considering that organizational processes and structure should change as there are no longer appropriate and the critical task is to identify a new set of more centralized and structured processes, leaving behind the model of latitude and autonomy for every member of staff. Another fact that makes this need for change more obvious and necessary is that the organization operates in a rapidly expanding market (annual rate growth of 5% since 2004, in the US [1]) and will have to attract and serve more patients and consequently add more employees to meet the last ones needs. As described above, the goals for OCB in order to be sustainable in the long run have to do with the cultural change of the organization, at first. The company should rely on the high performance of all

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