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Because organization structure is like a back bone structure for a healthy and growing organization. When set up an organization structure, the management will set it as an permanent, solid compatible with the vision and mission of the organization.

Over the years, there are more advance and functional organization formed. This organization has form various structures. A good practices of management is form in the 19th century until the 20th century. This theoretical have classified into five classes of perspectives on management. There are such classical, behavioral, quantitative, systems and contemporary. This five classes have each different framework towards the objectives of the organization and employees behavior. Taylor, Fayol and Weber have the same theorists structure. An organization should have the form of the rational system to achieve effectively and efficiency. Meanwhile, the social system were from by Elton Mayo, William Ouchi and Henry Mintzberg. This theory is more on the human relationships. More knowledge and opinions given by the employees will be have better recognition towards an organizations objectives.

In the new centuries, many organizations have chosen hierarchy system. This means that manager will reporting to one manager which is always at the higher level. This practice which include of multilevel of reporting system and grouped. For example, the Human Resources Manager

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