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Contents 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Intrapersonal Effectiveness 2 2.1 Definition of Intrapersonal Effectiveness----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 2.2 Jackson’s Hybrid Model 2 2.3 Learning Style Profiler 3 2.4 Goals Settin 4 2.5 Organisational Effectiveness 4 3.0 Social and Cultural Issues---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 4.0 Interpersonal Effectiveness 5 4.1 Definition of Interpersonal Effectiveness 5 4.2 Communication Process Model 5 4.3 SPARK 6 4.4 Diversity and Culture 6 4.5 Organisational Effectiveness 7 5.0 Conclusion 7 6.0 References 8 7.0 Appendices 10

1.0 Introduction
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As an accounting student, I believe that learning is an essential and fundamental approach to development my personal effectiveness; it is because my learning styles tend to predict my job performance (O’Connor & Jackson, 2008).
2.2 Jackson’s Learning Style
The hybrid model of learning in personality (Jackson, 2005) assumes that functional and dysfunctional individuals are motivated by their neuropsychological model, which is called sensation seeking. It also states that a person’s sensation seeking is determined by his or her biological and socio-cognitive aspects. There are four elements for evaluating whether a person in preference to be a high sensation seeker included goal oriented achiever, emotionally intelligent achiever, conscientious achiever and deep learning achiever. The learning model presents functional learners have more success in personality oriented and perform better at workplace In contrast, dysfunctional learners will weaken their work and worse the performance of these people (Jackson, 2005). For example, a dysfunctional learner may be a low goal oriented achiever who tends to have unsteady performance in his or her university study (O’Connor & Jackson, 2008).
2.2 Learning Style Profiler
To identify how a sensation seeker and whether a functional learner I am, I have tested myself by Jackson’s (2012) Learning Style Profiler (LSP) based on the learning model. According to the LSP scores

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