Miss Temptation By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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In the short story Miss Temptation by Kurt Vonnegut, it was made obvious that the prominent theme was the sexuality, and the sensuality, of the main character, Susanna. The story starts with the line, “Puritanism had fallen into such disrepair that not even the oldest spinster thought of putting Susanna in a ducking stool; not even the oldest farmer suspected that Susanna’s diabolical beauty had made his cow run dry.” Vonnegut mentioning Puritanism falling to shambles and cows running dry because of a beautiful girl is, in a sense, a gateway into the overall subject matter.
Before Susanna is truly introduced as a character, she is made out to be somewhat of a bad character, saying she had made cows run dry. Susanna being presented as only the object of Puritans’ grief is already starting to show the objectification of her in the story. When she is introduced to us as a person rather than a subject, she is described in a way that could be beautiful. However, again, she merely acts as the distraction of Puritans in her town, said to be “part of village life all summer”, except that the people in the village “never got used to her.” Susanna was also said to be “startling and desirable”, a turning point in the story and an introduction to her own sexualization throughout. Following this introduction, she is described as nothing short of appealing, her eyes compared to saucers, and her skin “the color of cream.” Something that is not aforementioned while talking about her,…

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