Miss Representation Essay

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Hattie Godine
English 1302
Essay 3

Today’s statistics shows women and young girls in the media areas of television, has more attention placed upon them, and it’s not always in a positive way. In the documentary film Miss Representation the portrayal changes the way the public and some men would view women. These magnitude effects of the role of women have had for many years. Some organizations and commercial ads display women and girls with the idea that their beauty lies in beauty products and tanning machines along with cosmetic products. Researchers have proven concerns that many support the idea of the detrimental harm that this attention brings to our society. Are women of today’s generation being exploited as nothing more
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Women Rights from the abolition movement of the 1800s is of many women of all walks of life beginning with SNCC and SCLS but the more traditional groups are NAACP women were treated like second class citizens. Some of these women believed

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